The Right Treatment Can Help
Family Stories

When a child has OCD, it can put considerable stress on the entire family. Every child has a unique story, and every parent begins a journey that, in time, may help his or her child gain control over OCD.  Other family members are also part of the family dynamic.  Their observations and experiences are valuable and provide insights and hope.

Kids’ Stories

These stories were contributed by children and young adults, describing in their own words what it’s like to have OCD, and how to get better with proper treatment.

  • Defeating the OCD Monster
    By Johnny F. (age 9)
  • Even Steven
    By David G. (age 10)
  • Hey, It’s a Genetic Thing
    By J. Z. (age 17)
  • Lucky for Me, My Mom Has OCD
    By Ben M. (age 13)

Kids want to hear from kids, and teens want to hear from other young adults—to learn how they have lived with OCD and gotten better.  Please contact us if you want to tell your story to help other kids and teens.

Parents’ Stories

For parents, coping with a child’s OCD may seem overwhelming.  Sometimes just knowing that others are also facing similar challenges can help.  In these stories, you’ll learn how other parents have helped their children in the day-to-day journey to overcome OCD.  Their courage and successes are inspiring.

Please contact us if you are a parent and have a story to share with other parents.

Other Family Member’s Stories

As a sibling or member of an extended family, it can be heartbreaking to watch a family member struggle with OCD.  This story is about family members who have seen how much progress can be made with proper diagnosis, treatment and family commitment.

When it may seem that no one understands what someone with OCD is going through, a parent or caring family member looks to others who have experienced the torment and heartbreak of OCD—hoping to gain new insights and ways to cope.  Your child or loved one’s story of successful treatment could bring hope and encouragement to other parents and family members.

Please contact us to share YOUR story.  And thank you for your help and compassion.

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