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What the Heck is OCD?

With OCD, the brain sends “communication errors” when it’s transmitting information.  This causes unwanted intrusive thoughts, which are fears or worries, including thoughts that conflict with “conventional” beliefs about things like religion, violence or sex.  These thoughts really bother you.  And it’s not just the thoughts themselves that make you miserable, it’s the endless repetition of the thoughts (called obsessions) that get in the way of a lot of other things.  It’s like having the thoughts stuck in your brain.

So what do you do?  Your brain figures out ways to make you feel better—temporarily.  These are called compulsions.  If you’re unbearably afraid of germs, your brain might tell you to wash your hands over and over again, even until the skin is raw.  If your OCD makes you feel afraid of someone breaking into the house at night and hurting the family, your brain may tell you to check the door and window locks dozens of times before going to bed, or ask your parents to check the locks for you until they are so sick of it they yell at you.

There are a lot of symptoms of OCD. To learn more, you can read about OCD symptoms on this web site, or check out other web sites listed in the More Resources section of this web site.

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One thing is clear: you can’t make OCD go away by continuing to perform compulsions.  You need a treatment called Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

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