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What If My Friend Refuses Treatment?

As difficult as it may seem, it’s not your responsibility to make sure your friend gets treatment for OCD.  For your own health, you must avoid feeling overly responsible for their care, and avoid feeling guilty if they refuse help.  Staying too involved is a form of codependency.  You may need to distance yourself somewhat from your friend to avoid feeling guilty or sad all the time, and to regain your own life.

You may want to consider attending a support group for friends and family members of people who have OCD, to learn how others have been able to influence a loved one to commit to therapy.  You may also learn how to come to terms with your own feelings when you hear how others have managed their emotions during stressful times with an OCD sufferer. Listings for support groups in the Chicago area—along with other resources such as web sites and books on OCD-related subjects—are in the More Resources section of this web site.

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