Overcoming OCD
Information for College Students

Do I Have To Be Hospitalized to Treat My OCD?

Probably not.  The vast majority of people can be treated for OCD through a series of out-patient visits to a cognitive behavior therapist. 

Your obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions may be making your life difficult, but most likely you will be able to work effectively with your therapist, who will conduct Cognitive Behavior Therapy and introduce you to Exposure and Response Prevention techniques.  Most people are scheduled for a series of weekly one-hour office visits and are assigned homework ERP exercises for the type of OCD they have and their particular symptoms.  These homework assignments must be completed between sessions with your therapist if you are to make good progress.

In some cases, therapy sessions need to be scheduled more frequently or for longer time periods.  And sometimes medication is prescribed to treat the anxiety of OCD or related coexisting conditions such as depression, ADD or AD/HD.

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