Committed to OCD Education and Support
Our Services

Our Services

Through education and outreach, we offer hope, interaction and encouragement to thousands of people each year. For individuals, families, friends and others affected by OCD our services include:

OCD Education

Our highly-acclaimed OCD Guides in English and Spanish provide current, practical information for those with OCD who want to learn how to improve their lives through understanding OCD and committing to treatment.  The Guides include:

  • Relief from OCD - A Guide for People with OCD
  • How to Help Your Child - A Parent’s Guide to OCD
  • Got OCD? - A Guide for Teens
  • Overcoming OCD - A Guide for College Students

These are available as free downloads, or contact us if you wish to discuss your individual needs     .

OCD Information

You will find links on this web site to articles, books and web sites we’ve reviewed to make current, relevant information available to those who wish to learn about OCD.  Go to our More Resources section.

Treatment Referrals

OCD-knowledgeable staff at OCD Chicago will discuss your needs with you and can provide a list of mental health professionals in the Chicago area who are specially trained to work with OCD patients.  Contact us for more information.  If you live outside the Chicago area, a list of treatment providers in your state is available at the International OCD Foundation web site.

Support Referrals

Information about Chicago-area support groups, is provided to offer OCD sufferers and their families access to interaction with others who have OCD or are living with someone who does.  (Support groups should be supplemental to treatment by a qualified mental health professional.)

Professional Education

We offer mental health professionals the opportunity to increase their knowledge of OCD and improve their ability to effectively treat patients.  We provide some of the most current information available.  Contact us for more information.

Public Awareness

We provide OCD-knowledgeable speakers to public meetings, organizations and the news media. Our speakers help audiences understand more about OCD and its treatment, as well as ways to reduce the stigma of mental illness.  Contact us to arrange for an appropriate speaker for your needs.

For Teachers, Counselors and Social Workers

Our OCD Education Station is a comprehensive resource developed by OCD Chicago focused on the needs of school teachers, counselors and social workers.  Our “OCD in the Classroom” program effectively educates school personnel about identifying children who have OCD and learning to work with them.

For Clergy

OCD Chicago recognizes that, when people are in crisis, they often turn to their church for help and guidance.  We work to educate clergy of all faiths about the symptoms of OCD and how to guide individuals or families to contact OCD Chicago when they need help coping with OCD.  Visit the Clergy section for more information.

For the Media

OCD Chicago works with the news media to provide accurate, timely information about OCD.  We provide expert resource support for news reports, medical segments, and related features, and welcome contact by representatives of print, broadcast and online media.

Contact us for information about OCD or to arrange for an interview.

Or visit our Media Center.